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Fallout 76

Post by 0v3rz34l0u5 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:44 pm

Here is my friends review of Fallout 76 after playing the BETA:

Well, it's definitely a Fallout game. The world looks beautiful and it seems to have proper adult graphics and feel to it, the best looking Fallout game, as it should be.

It feels like the emphasis is less on guns and more on weapons, crafting and scavenging. I used my fireman's axe for most of the game and only gun a few times. Because its all creatures and not humans there isn't all the ammo lying around after a skirmish. Not a bad thing, probably more like what it would be. VATS is more of a lock on system. You chose your enemy and stay focused on them then target the parts you want to hit. Can be very helpful with multiple enemies but be careful as you don't look where you are walking and I nearly fell off a bridge!!

You need to eat and drink as well which does sort of force you into popular areas until you have set up your base.

The MMO bit wasn't an issue. At the beginning there were others running around, and we did team up to do a few missions and kill a few baddies, but nothing formal just we were at the same location shooting at the same thing. It would have been really easy to team up though. After that, they followed the main story line and i drifted off adventuring. In the 4 hours beta time I probably didn't see anyone else for at least 2 1/2 hours.

Base building was good. All the scenic spots had been taken (on the really cool bridge) so I found a space off in the wilds somewhere. You can't see the other people's bases it just says you can't build there. I don't fully know what happens if you stumble across someone else's base or if you can, they might just disappear when they get to it or you can only see it if they are there? Junk was usual and I spent half an hour trying to find 1 piece of aluminium to get my weapons bench. You just leave the camp and trust it's OK. You save your Blueprint before you go to be safe and if you find a new spot, you can just summon your camp exactly as it was elsewhere. That's weird but quite cool in the context of the game. It could also mean you could lose a good spot if you find one. You find plans for certain items to buy which does make you got out into the world but it does feel like you could just set up a base and fuck the rest of the world, which is nice.

Now, the issue. I felt that the story-line was weak. Most of the missions are given as holotapes or notes on the floor, which sort of works, but it losses that all-encompassing feel. I know it was only the beginning but it didn't grip me at all. I went off on the survival base building route but if that's not your thing I could see the lack of story being an issue. Side quest happen in the same way but those were always like that. To give Bethesda their dues, that is the story arch. "Go into the world and build a new one" so it may not have the full narrative of previous ones.

Events happen and you team up with people to do a mission. E.G. the Mr Handys have gone made, go in this building and re-programme them. This is standard MMO and it works-ish. My issue with these is the pace. You are forced to do it as quickly as possible, so you can't sneak around building when everyone else goes charging off with baseball bats swinging!! You still get rewards but that bit feels very much like Destiny or COD.

To sum up, it's definitely a Fallout game and the feel and lore are all there, it has the elements that could make it good and some lovely touches but I'm not sure the story line has enough to keep people hooked as much as previous titles. Ganging up in a crew could make it great fun, but you need friends first for that!!!
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