Meet games.


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Meet games.

Post by Spawnsy » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:39 pm

So, we'll be playing the yes/no game first thing on sat this time. A great ice breaker. We have coloured hairbands to indicate "a life" which will be hung on the ears so that everyone can see who to target when they're out of lives.

Two teams, pass the balloon with the knees race.
Two teams, pass the orange with the chin.
Post it note on your back with a word on. Everyone tries to get eachother to say the word on their back without them realising. If you say the word you're out. Last man standing.

Hook a duck! The ducks will be coded on the bottom with rewards or dares. So now here's the thing. What rewards/dares? Post your suggestions please.

Win 2 hours drinks bitch. Someone will have to be your bitch for 2 hours, crushing your cans and fetching you another drink.
Demand a shoulder rub from the person of your choosing.
Take a drink you fancy which you did not buy!
Free bottle of wine.

Put one hand in the ice bucket and keep it there for 15 seconds.
Put one hand in the ice bucket and keep it there for 30 seconds.
Put both hands in the ice bucket, grab a can in each hand and keep them there for 15 seconds.
Be the drinks bitch for 2 hours.
Do a handstand against a wall.
Tell everyone a joke.

If anyone has any suggestions of good harmless party games it would be appreciated.
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Re: Meet games.

Post by HonorOfDuty » Sat Jun 08, 2019 5:21 pm

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