What is Enemy Boat Spotted? [new peeps read this]

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What is Enemy Boat Spotted? [new peeps read this]

Post by ProvokedPrawn » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:22 pm

What is Enemy Boat Spotted?

Enemy Boat Spotted is a gaming community. We certainly aren't a clan. We don't compete in wars or clan ladders, we are just a bunch of friendly people who enjoy playing games together. We dont take things too seriously but at the same time we dont approve of hackers or people who break the rules on our server or forum. Dirty players are not welcome and their techniques are discouraged. We are Gentlemen and we fight in a gentlemanly manner.

We are international. Sure most of us are from or live in the UK, but we have, or have had members from South Africa, America, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Holland and other states within the EU. We are proud of this fact. Everyone is welcome and we even have girls now!

The name Enemy Boat Spotted (or as we like to call it now i have the appropriate emoticon Enemy :boat: Spotted) came about because of fond memories from Battlefield 2 and maps such as Strike at Karkand where, when bored, people would spot Enemy Boats, in the map in places where there clearly couldnt be any. It always made me laugh. Nearly as much as when they introduced infantry only maps and people would run about (over great distances) Spamming the call "I need a ride" or "hey! I need a lift!".

Anyway, "I need a ride" is a bit of a dodgy name for a community, so we went with "Enemy Boat Spotted". It's meant to symbolise the fact that we are here for fun and for a laugh. Not taking it too seriously like some clans.

This forum is our place to chat about anything and everything. If you are reading this and thinking it sounds good, then we want you! sign up and post something to say hello, then poke about, see if anything makes you laugh, smile or frown and reply to it. Feel free to post your own stuff too. We like reading things and we love new members :)

You don't have to play any games to be a member. If you just want to read the jokes, or talk with people about music and films, that's great!

Gamer or social member, it doesn't matter which, to sign up, simply click here and follow the instructions.

Thanks for you time. Enjoy your stay!
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