Free* Chromecast & Stadia Controller


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Free* Chromecast & Stadia Controller

Post by Harrod200 » Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:10 pm

*If you already have Youtube Premium

Sign up for a free month of Stadia Pro and they'll send you a Chromecast Ultra and Stadia controller.

Worth about £70 in CEX vouchers (or £55 cash) so you can get something useful instead.

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Re: Free* Chromecast & Stadia Controller

Post by Spawnsy » Wed Nov 11, 2020 5:48 pm

lol. class classified!!👌👍🤣
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Re: Free* Chromecast & Stadia Controller

Post by Lythnic » Thu Nov 12, 2020 1:18 am

Not available in my region 😾
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