Update 1.9

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Update 1.9

Post by peglegswansoon » Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:03 pm

Hello, just thought it was worth collating the info we know/opinions and feedback we have about Operation Coldblood somewhere that won't get lost in Discord :) The full patch notes can be found here.

Release date: December 8th
CTE date: November 19th-23rd (like, now!)
I'll start!

New map: Bab
Snow map like Hillside. Supposedly has emphasis on long-range/sniping. I played it briefly in local play (couldn't find a match), it feels like the Checkpoint layout doesn't really make use of the long sightlines though, at least for Security. Plenty of CQB and sneaky corners to get shot from. And watch out for the technical that counter-attacks D....

New guns: M110 SASS and M1 Garand
Two new marksman rifles for the marksman class:
The M110 is a bit lackluster I thought. It feels like a middle-ground between the M14 and the FAL. It costs the same as the M14 once you take the 20-rnd mags (default is 10) but without the option to go full-auto in a pinch. Has more recoil too. Does the same damage as the M14 with mostly consistent 1-shot kills. Looks cool though.
The M1 Garand is very cool. It felt like it killed with one shot more consistently than the M110. It has a unique 2.5x scope available which is quite good. Pings when empty :biggrin: and unblemished with rails unless you start piling on attachments (which you can still do if you want, but why....). Although you can use rifle grenades with it, making it the only Marksman weapon with a launcher.

Variable optics
Long-awaited but finally here! Applies to several optics we already had, as well as a few new ones added.
All of the 2x sights (Holo/Kobra/Red-dot) now give you the option to flip the magnifier out of the way and use it as a 1x.
You can also use a magnifier with the MARS and OKP-7 sights, so you can use them as 2x sights now.
Several of the 4x scopes now let you use backup sights! The C79, SU230 and SUSAT have this by default. The SU230 and M150 (ACOG) also have variants with a usable mini-red-dot on top :lol:
Three new variable-zoom scopes have been added, they all behave the same but look a bit different. All of them can switch between 3x and 6x zoom. They are the Red Ring Scope and T Scope, with the DOS Scope unique to the new M110 rifle. I think only the Marksman and Advisor can use these though.
Some other unique sights have had this feature added too - the AUG's A1 sight has backup irons, you can switch between the M1 Garand's iron sights and the M1C scope, and the G36 has a few weird ones which replace the ISM scope.

Other misc interesting things
  • You can pick between your character appearance presets when you first load into a map, so you can choose an outfit for the occasion
  • Outpost has been added to more maps, and the layouts on some of the existing maps have been tweaked
  • Some new HUD and sound queues have been added to Outpost to better explain what's going on
  • A lil' red arrow appears over the objective marker at the top of the HUD during a counter-attack, just in-case you didn't notice
  • You can choose to load the Tutorial Range at night now
Has anyone else played it on CTE? What do you think?

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