EBS Squad Server Rules

We might not own a server, but we did once :'(
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EBS Squad Server Rules

Post by DarkDeamon » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:53 am

Ladies and Gents,
Welcome to Enemy Boat Spotted and welcome to our Squad Server.
We have a few simple rules which we will list below
  1. Squad Leaders MUST have a mic
  2. Squad Medics MUST have a mic
  3. If you ignore your Squad Leader, he can boot you from the squad
  4. If you Team Kill, expect to be reprimanded
  5. Idiots will be kicked by the admins
  6. Repeat Idiots will be banned by the admins
We tend to play tactical, English voice comms are advised
Play as a squad, listen to your squad leader and enjoy our server
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