More on Squad...

We might not own a server, but we did once :'(
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Re: More on Squad...

Post by HOOTER » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:08 am

Will also give it a look later , there's apparently a few issues regarding performance after update ie crashing and fps drops , I know it's still in alpha but let's hope it's playable.

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Re: More on Squad...

Post by DarkDeamon » Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:05 pm

First impressions....
It was a bit laggy but I ended up having to play a server based on spaces, not lower ping ping as all the favourite UK candidates were full.

The insurgent technicals are bloody good fun though you are tad exposed stood on the big gun on the back
Drive by shootings by the insurgents are good fun and can really fuckup an attack - one guys took out nearly a whole squad

Didn't get into a humvee but shot several of the fuckers

Technicals, you have to shoot the gunner 1st but they go down easy. Only use your RL or GL if needs be, save it for the bigger stuff

Humvee get your explosives on it. RL will hurt them bad every time

Everyone was too busy razzing around to bother with the resupply and repair stuff but give it a couple of days and it should all settle down
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