[HOW TO] Kicked by console, Client left, etc. messages. and fixes

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[HOW TO] Kicked by console, Client left, etc. messages. and fixes

Post by Kentone » Sun Dec 24, 2017 2:03 pm

Well, sometimes you were merciless ripped of the server with some kind of evil message on the server console, all we struggled finding a solution, we managed to fix it, then we forgot the fix until the next message.

So to avoid this loop of angryness and investigation im going to start this thread dedicated to different kind of client disconnecting console messages.

First thing after start to apply this fixes, is verify the game cache, as if the game files are bad, anything can happen.

Now especific fixes:

"Client left (steam auth ticket has been cancelled)"
User with problem: =EBS= Randel
Solutions: =EBS= Ztranier [DPT], me

1. Remove ALL the mods you have (Custom sights, skins, etc., from the workshop only use maps)
2. If you did what is showed above, and you are still getting kicked, rename the ClientRegistry.blob file. To do this:
-Close Steam.

-Rename the file.

On windows:

Code: Select all

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ClientRegistry.blob
On macOS:
Unhide the library folder if you don't did it already with this command on the terminal:

Code: Select all

chflags -nohidden ~/Users/Library/
And the file will be on:

Code: Select all

/Users/YourUserNameHere/Library/Aplication Support/Steam/ClientRegistry.blob
Change "YourUserNameHere" by your user name.

-After renaming the file, open Steam again and try the game again, the ClientRegistry.blob will be recreated and you must play with no problems.

For Randel, what worked was the blob file renaming. The mod removal is mandatory since mods can make changes that break the game, just install one by one and try after your game works if you have a lot ;)


This thread will grow when new messages and their fixes show up.
If you are getting kicked with a message, and is not here, put it here on a reply or say to me on discord, and we will try to find a fix :D

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