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Map change pictures

Post by Hawkeye » Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:58 pm ... =530079601

handy little mod that shows pictures when the maps change rather than blank.

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Chief Petty Officer
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Re: Map change pictures

Post by Hawkeye » Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:00 pm

list of maps supported. SO MANY MAPS. LETS HAVE ALL THE MAPS.

almaden_coop_v1_1 checkpoint
amber_spiritsv1_1_coop checkpoint
anbar_coop checkpoint
anbar_nights_coop checkpoint
angle_iron_coop_beta5 checkpoint
badel_coop_v1 checkpoint
badlands_coop_b1 checkpoint
badlands_night_b1 checkpoint
baghdad_b5 checkpoint
bb_allinclusive_coop_v6 checkpoint
bb_arena_coop_final checkpoint
bb_base_coop_v2 checkpoint
bb_canyon_a4 checkpoint
bb_desertpass_b6 checkpoint
bb_gauntlet_b8 checkpoint
bb_junkyard_coop_v6 checkpoint
bb_lighthouse_v3 checkpoint
bb_maya_beta9 checkpoint
bb_river_coop checkpoint
bb_subyard_coop checkpoint
bb_valleyofthekings_b2 checkpoint
block_partyv1_1_coop checkpoint
bridge_coop_final checkpoint
buhriz_coop checkpoint
bunker_busting_coopv1_5 checkpoint
cargo_coop_Day checkpoint
cargonight_coop_15_Night checkpoint
caves_coop3 checkpoint
central_coop_final checkpoint
chateau_tunnels_v2 checkpoint
clean_sweep_coop_beta3 checkpoint
clean_sweep_night_coop_beta1 checkpoint
congress_coop_v4 checkpoint
contact_coop checkpoint
contact_coopv2 checkpoint
convoy_day_coop_final checkpoint
convoy_night_apc_coop_v1_4 checkpoint
creek_x1 checkpoint
crossbowv1_1 checkpoint
cs_militia_coop_v1_1 checkpoint
cs_motel_coop_nd_v1_3 checkpoint
cs_officeb3_coop_v1_6 checkpoint
cs_workout_non_ws_v1 checkpoint
cu_chi_tunnels checkpoint
de_cbble_coop_v1 checkpoint
de_lake_coop_nd_v1_2 checkpoint
de_safehouse_coop_v1_4_nde2 checkpoint
dedust1p2_coop checkpoint
depot_coop checkpoint
desert_hell_coop_v6 checkpoint
desert_island_v8 checkpoint
desert_warfare_vehicles_coop_v1_3 checkpoint
district_coop checkpoint
district_coop_oldv1 checkpoint
doi_bbdocks_v1 checkpoint
doi_resistance_a2 checkpoint
dry_canal_coop_v4 checkpoint
drycanal_coop checkpoint
dust2_checkpoint_b8 checkpoint
dust2_coop_v1_1 checkpoint
dust_coop_v1_1 checkpoint
dusty_anguish_coopv1_1 checkpoint
dusty_nights_coopv1_1 checkpoint
embassy_coop_Day checkpoint
embassy_coop_Night checkpoint
estates_b4 checkpoint
fortress_coop_beta5 checkpoint
frequency_coop_x1 checkpoint
game_day_coopv1_4 checkpoint
gaza_coop_day checkpoint
gaza_coop_night checkpoint
gizab_b1_coop checkpoint
goldeneye_facility_coop_2 checkpoint
greenzone_5_7 checkpoint
haditha_dam_coop_finale_nv checkpoint
haditha_ws checkpoint
healthcenter_coop_20 checkpoint
heights_coop checkpoint
heights_coop_oldv1 checkpoint
hijacked_redux_v1_1 checkpoint
hijacked_v1 checkpoint
hurtlocker_coop_legacy_night checkpoint
hurtlocker_coopv3hc checkpoint
HurtLocker_coop_Alpha5_1a checkpoint
ikazuchi_jungle_coop_b2_night checkpoint
ikazuchi_jungle_coop_b3 checkpoint
inferno_checkpoint_b2 checkpoint
ins24study2015 checkpoint
ins_abdallah_new_coop checkpoint
ins_abdallah_new_night_coop checkpoint
ins_bridgeatremagen_coop checkpoint
ins_prison_v1 checkpoint
invasion_coop_beta3 checkpoint
jack_hammer_coopv1_2 checkpoint
jail_break_coopv1_2 checkpoint
Kandagal_coop_b5 checkpoint
karkand_coop_part1 checkpoint
karkand_coop_part2 checkpoint
karkar_coop_v1_3 checkpoint
khanashin_b8 checkpoint
khanashin_b8_night checkpoint
khe_sanh_v2 checkpoint
khe_sanh_night checkpoint
lake_coop_v1_2 checkpoint
launch_control_coopv1_9 checkpoint
market_coop checkpoint
market_coop_oldv1 checkpoint
market_coopv2 checkpoint
meows_casbah_coop_V3 checkpoint
Meows_First_2_coop checkpoint
meows_downtown1_coop checkpoint
meows_hell_coop_v2 checkpoint
ministry_coop checkpoint
ministry_coopv2 checkpoint
miransh_coopb2b checkpoint
mountain_lake_coopv1_1 checkpoint
nightfall_coopv1_2 checkpoint
osama_b3_checkpoint checkpoint
Panama_canal_b2 checkpoint
payback checkpoint
peak_coop checkpoint
peak_coop_old_b3 checkpoint
peak_coop_redux_v1_1 checkpoint
point_blank checkpoint
pow_raid checkpoint
prophet_coop_nv checkpoint
prospect_coop_b6 checkpoint
ps7_coop_Day checkpoint
ps7z_coop_night checkpoint
r6_safehouse_coop_v1_1 checkpoint
rainforest_fixed_final checkpoint
revolt_coop checkpoint
revolt_coopv2 checkpoint
shellshock_2 checkpoint
shop_invasion_coop_b2 checkpoint
shrine_coop_v1 checkpoint
siege_coop checkpoint
siege_coop_oldv1 checkpoint
sinjar_coop checkpoint
station_coop_v1 checkpoint
szepezd_b3_coopv1_2 checkpoint
takbar checkpoint
tell_coop checkpoint
tell_coop_v2 checkpoint
tet_coop_v6 checkpoint
the_burbs_coop checkpoint
the_raid_coopb4 checkpoint
thicket_beta_3 checkpoint
trenches6_coop_v1_2 checkpoint
tunnel_rats_coopv1_4 checkpoint
uprising_coop checkpoint
verticality_coop_v3 checkpoint
warehouse_coopv2 checkpoint
winter_rescue_v1 checkpoint
zagros_convoy_b5 checkpoint

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Re: Map change pictures

Post by DarkDeamon » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:29 pm

anything in that list that is '_a' and a number is an alpha map - run away
the ones that start 'bb_' I've tested for him. He does some strange maps and his maps have some strange texture issues. He's still quite a novice mapper
from a quick glance through the rest, we've had at least 40% of the maps on our server at one point or another in the past and there's also at least 6 server killers in there that I've dropped due to them breaking things quite badly

If you can find any on there you fancy trying and can find a link then send me the link and I'll add it into the rotation. In the meantime, I'll see about subscribing the servers too that mod but it'll need a restart to workshop enable the servers
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