Instructions for joining.

If you want to join =EBS= this link takes you to the place to find out all you need to know. Please click it. Thanks!
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Instructions for joining.

Post by Age. » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:32 pm

Hello, and :welcome: to =EBS= Enemy :boat: Spotted.

We do not accept membership applications from under 18's. :cry:

This community is run on principles of fair play, geared towards close fought games which are fun for all players. We are strict on these rules. :rules:

We want to attract people who like =EBS= the way it is. :orgy:
We don't want to change =EBS= in order to attract people. :confuddled:
=EBS= is this way because we made it this way. :o
On purpose. (Well, trial and error really, but you get the point.) :lolz:
It's good. :cool:
That's why lots of people joined. :P
Cos we're awesome in our little idiom. :cool2:
It's been awesome for 11 years. :dancebanana:
If you want to change =EBS= then you don't really like =EBS=: you like something like =EBS=. :ailen:
In this case you should consider either finding something like =EBS= which is more to your liking, or set something up yourself. :leaving:
If you join thinking it's something but it turns out to be something else, see above.
It's. That. Simple. :P

All the information you need to apply for membership is here, or linked from here. It has been designed as a point of reference for all members to come back to as necessary.

First, Register on the Forum.
Our forum is a big deal for us. If you stop gaming for whatever reason you can still keep in touch with people and maintain friendships. Just because your gfx card has died doesn't mean that you have to lose friends too! The history, the decisions, the laughs, the friendships, and the backbone of =EBS= are all on the forum. Get stuck in, there are friends for life to be made here.

1.Post your introduction.

To do this, go to the =EBS= Member details section.

Click the 'new topic' button. Make the title of the topic the same as your username, then tell us as much as you like about yourself. When you've finished, click 'submit'. That's it! Dead simple.

One line intro's are not acceptable. Your age, gender, gaming history and rough location is a minimum.

Please feel free to read about as many members as you like, that's what all the introductions are for! Don't forget to keep an eye on your introduction for all the replies welcoming you.

2.Register your gaming names.

Follow this link to "in game names", read the first post, and follow the instructions.

This is just so we know who you are if you use different names on Steam/Uplay/Origin etc or in game to what you do on the forum.

3.Know our rules.

This community was built on strictly enforced rules. Anyone who ignores them is dealt with swiftly and decisively.

Our Battlefield server rules are simple:
  • No bunny hopping/jumping to avoid fire
  • No insulting other players (unless they deserve it)
  • No basebombing/camping/raping
  • Glitching - i.e. exploiting game mechanics or level design for an unfair advantage (e.g. Using a mav to get on buildings you couldn't otherwise access).
All of these things would get a normal player kicked/banned. EBS members are expected to know better and act better.

Insurgency players are expected to play as a member of the squad, and not be a dick. Wait until everyone is ready to capture the point. Use of comms is strongly preferred.

Our general rules are simple - Play fair or play elsewhere.

4.Get Discord..

Download and install "Discord".

This is an in-game voice-chat tool. It runs alongside our ranked servers, and has multiple channels for various games. It is fun to use, and helps build friendships and community spirit, but it also allows us to communicate pressing issues instantly.

Once you've done that, ask an admin (Senior Warrant Officer, Admiral or Vice Admiral) for an invite to the server :)

Once you have done all of the above, you will be considered a probationary member for 8 weeks.

You should use [EBS] tags for BF4, or -EBS- for Insurgency until your "time is up".
This allows the server admins to easily identify you (a potential member) in-game, and keep an eye on how you play.
During this time, a record of your conduct will be kept. All of the admins will post anything relevant to that player's behaviour, [positive] such as obeying the rules, using Discord, squadding up, regularly visiting and posting on the forum, [or negative] camping, not giving health and ammo when asked, hopping, not squadding up, not visiting and making posts on the forum etc.

You should ask the server admins to comment in your record for you when you see them in-game. This will ensure that you get noticed and that there is enough info in your record to base a vote on.

At the end of your 'time' you should post a request for full =EBS= tags in your original introduction. When a request for full tags is made, the admiralty will check the record of that player's conduct, and vote accordingly. Do not use full tags until you have been told it is ok to do so by a member of the admiralty.

Admin rights are only available to those members who make financial donations to keep the community going, or (in rare circumstances) an exceptional contribution to the community in some other way.
No member shall be considered for admin rights until they have completed six months of problem-free membership.

Additional help/pointers/assistance.

Now you've got all that, maybe you just want a few helpful forum navigation/usage pointers? How do I post a pic/set up an avatar/search for specific posts? Yes? Then have a look here.

Got any questions? Please look at the How-to Guides, FAQ's and Tips Section before you ask.

Having trouble with your pc or software? Then have a look at the Technical support Forum. Many common problems are answered there. You can also make posts in that forum requesting help with problems not covered. However, please add as much info as possible in the first post to save all the questions. Don't just say "help, my thing doesn't work." That is not only annoying, but also rather rude.

The forum is our hub. Our members are expected to stop by regularly to read and post :) Not doing so may affect your application for membership.

All the very best wishes to you. If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to ask.

We all look forward to getting to know you, and playing alongside you.
Enjoy your stay.

The Admiralty.

All here at =EBS= welcome you, and wish you a long and happy membership, with many many friends.


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