Recruiting. Not actively.

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Recruiting. Not actively.

Post by Spawnsy » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:09 pm

EBS does not need lots of non-contributing members in order to thrive. We need quality members who value our community and wish to be a part of it.

Please feel free to tell anyone and everyone how wonderful our community is. How long we've been going, our proud history, our meets, all the different game servers we've very successfully run over the years, all the different nationalities of our members and anything else you can think of. But.

Don't ask anyone to join who you don't have at least some gauge of.

Please wait until people ask you about us. If they're interested and asking questions: that's great! That's what we want! At least wait until you know a little about them before you give this link:

If they come back asking more questions because they couldn't find it themselves, give them this link:

Please don't give help or instruction to anyone who has not read and followed the instructions properly unless written English is a problem for them.

All members (even more so the higher rank they hold) should be aware of what the instructions are, and what info is given to new applicants.
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