ShadowPlay with a RAMdisk

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Re: ShadowPlay with a RAMdisk

Post by Chris_86 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:26 pm

Thought I'd update this - using the free AMD Radeon RAMdisk which allows for a 4GB RAMDisk to be created. You can assign it a drive letter too.

You can set Geforce Experience / Shadowplay to cache to the RAMDisk, meaning that there is no HDD bottleneck, or, in the case of an SSD, meaning that your SSD is not worn out by constant 6 MBps recording.

Config is now:

C: SSD, Boot
D: SSD, Games
E: HDD, Backups

Caching to the RAMDisk and selecting C drive as save location for clip saving means there's no bottleneck anymore, and to make things better the system seems to have stopped rreverting to 720p; it now records perfectly at 1440p/60fps.

Using 4GB of DRAM for RAMDisk leaves 12GB of my DRAM available, which is more than enough for gaming.


Re: ShadowPlay with a RAMdisk

Post by Chris_86 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:32 pm

Further update: I have found ShadowPlay / GeForce Experience needs to be manually disabled before starting Battlefield 1, since initially the startup window is 1/4 the screen size (720p in my case). If, after the game starts, you then press the keyboard shortcut to enable it (shift F10 on mine) it will start caching at your preferred resolution.

For some reason ShadowPlay gets activated by certain IDEs and by Adobe Connect, so it's best to toggle ShadowPlay to off when you're not playing games.

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